‘Bold and Beautiful’ Liam Spencer confronting Thomas Forrester at the Forrester mansion

‘Bold and Beautiful’ Liam Spencer confronting Thomas Forrester at the Forrester mansion Liam will then insist that he thinks there’s more to it. He believes Thomas may be using the custody battle to manipulate Hope Spencer. Of course, Thomas will deny doing so. Therefore, Liam may point out how Thomas often invited Hope to the Forrester mansion.

Moreover, he will also point out that he never got any invitation. From Liam’s point of view, Thomas was shutting him off to make a move on Hope. We’ll see Liam warn Thomas to stay away from Hope and not try it again. If you’ve been following Bold and the Beautiful, then you must remember how Thomas used to be obsessed with Hope once upon a time.

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No wonder Liam and Brooke Forrester were worried about Hope being manipulated by him again. Once again, we’ll get to see Sheila make a dangerous move. As per the spoilers, she will soon spot her grandson, Hayes Finnegan. While John Finn Finnegan will be on a work call, Sheila will be tempted to pick up Hayes.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers claim that Hayes will look comfortable in Sheila’s arms. Since he was still a baby, he had no idea what the woman was capable of. In Monday’s episode, Sheila will be quick to bond with her grandson before Finn returns.

Per the spoilers, Finn will soon sense that something isn’t right. Indeed, something was wrong. Sheila wasn’t dead as everyone thought she was. Once Deacon Sharpe finds out about Sheila’s latest cliff house visit, he will be furious at her. He will then tell Sheila that she was playing with fire and that she would get them both into trouble.

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By now, we already know that Sheila is out of control and that she only does what she wants. Of course, that won’t end well for her. Make sure you stay updated for bolder and more Beautiful spoilers.