Bold and Beautiful Steffy Forester plots to ruin Ridge and Brooke’s romantic evening

Bold and Beautiful Steffy Forester plots to ruin Ridge and Brooke’s romantic evening Steffy Forester plots to ruin Ridge and Brooke’s romantic evening. According to spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), Steffy Forrester will sabotage Brooke Forrester’s and Ridge Forrester’s romantic evening.

To give Taylor Hayes, who is competing for Ridge’s affections, the upper hand, Steffy will sneakily plot against her dad’s marriage. Naturally, Steffy firmly believes that her parents should be together and hopes their reunification will eventually occur.

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Steffy is confident Ridge and Taylor will ultimately get back together because the chemistry and connection are still there. But Steffy wants to move the reunion along quickly. Steffy won’t want to take any chances or waste any more time because of Brooke and her influence over Ridge.

Ridge will continue to struggle with his feelings for the two women in his life during the week of September 12-16. Ridge will recall the happy moments he had with Brooke and those he had with Taylor. Later, Steffy keeps poking Ridge into telling Taylor the truth about his intense feelings for her.

Steffy won’t understand why Ridge shouldn’t confess since he most certainly has them! Brooke, on the other hand, will unintentionally cause some trouble. Ridge will be strongly reminded of the past betrayals when Brooke is caught in Bill Spencer’s warm embrace.

Ridge might drift toward his ex-girlfriend due to Brooke’s propensity to become overly close to her ex-boyfriends, but Brooke will continue to fight for their future. Brooke won’t stand by and let Taylor win in any way! According to B&B spoilers, Brooke will organize a romantic evening to bring Ridge closer.

Brooke might hope this will be the last step in their reconciliation and convince Ridge to commit to their marriage fully. On the other hand, Steffy won’t want to give Brooke this chance to advance.

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During the week of September 19-23, we’ll see Steffy covertly plan, so it stands to reason that she’ll likely make other plans for Ridge’s night. According to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Steffy will go above and beyond to ensure Taylor advances with Ridge on her terms.