A Few Highlights to Honing Golf Skills Faster and More Efficiently

There are a number of ways a golfer can improve their swing, drive and score. Meeting with an instructor, watching golf instructions videos and clips, covering various aspects of golf, can help new players and seasoned players alike. Improving your game starts by identifying areas that need improvement. What part of your game needs help? … Read more

Developing a Better Putting Routine That You Can Take to the Golf Course

Closing The Deal On The Greens: Putting! Bobby Jones referred to putting as “a game within a game”. Many expert golfers have opined that the game places too much emphasis on putting. Ben Hogan semi-jokingly believed that there should be a circle around the hole with some type of funnel device that would deliver the … Read more

The First Mission Where You Face Zerg In Starcraft 2

This mission marks your first encounter with the Zerg race in the Starcraft 2 single player campaign and follows directly behind the mission “The Outlaws”. After conquering the Dominion base and securing the alien artifact, you will have to hold out for extraction while defending against an onrushing Zerg Swarm. There are two critical points … Read more