The Christian Hunt – Code Name: Where’s Waldo

The history of the Roman Church, more precisely the Roman Catholic Church is filled with the oppression, torture, and killing of true believers. The Vatican has essentially always been a tyrannical government masquerading as a religious institution. Anyone who did not submit to the dictatorial power and command of the Vatican was considered a heretic … Read more

Defining Australia: Australian Aboriginal Culture

As we know there are many countries with many kind of cultures inside it. Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people involve religion, social habits, music, arts and the others. Australia is one of the example, it has always been considered a multicultural country which consists almost entirely of immigrants. … Read more

Sandplay Therapy – Open-Eyed Trance

Many clients new to hypnotherapy are surprised to discover that going into a hypnotic state is a skill. Some clients find it is a challenge to allow themselves to “let go” into the altered state. Moving into a guided trance requires the clients to trust both themselves and the hypnotherapist; and developing that trust can … Read more