Is Liz Webber Leaving General Hospital

Is Liz Webber Leaving General Hospital There will be some cast updates on General Hospital due to family drama, escalating mob rivalry, and other turmoil. So, who do you think is leaving the show? The current Elizabeth Webber plotline is among the most unsettling because her situation only worsens with little screen time. So she’s the first possibility on the list.

Of course, Becky Herbst has experienced difficulties before. And the most recent occurred when ABC was being difficult with her contract renewal a few years back. However, she isn’t likely to leave the show because she is having issues with her mental health right now, and someone familiar will join her in this crisis.

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It could be someone close to the Webber family, which is good news. Moreover, Becky has silenced the rumor about her leaving GH, so she isn’t going anywhere. Next on the list of those who might depart the show are Brando and Michael’s portrayers.

As we know, Chad Duell is playing Michael’s role, and Robert Adamson has filled in his role for some time. Chad was on leave because of COVID, but now he is back on set and has started filming. Likewise, no information has been released on Johnny Wactor’s reason for taking a little break.

However, he is now working on four projects so that he may depart. Brad Schmidt, a former cast member of Yellowstone who has a startling resemblance to Johnny, fills in for the time being. Johnny is scheduled to return, but in the meantime, he has three films in production: a TV movie, two features, and a short.

Similarly, Patrick Gibbons, who portrayed Wyatt, also exited recently. Furthermore, Joshua Benard has returned to bother Joslyn in college. Nevertheless, viewers also seem concerned that Trina might depart, but that’s not the case because Esme is still running free.

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Once the psycho teen and her evil deeds come to light, Trina’s name will be clear, and she’ll be back. However, according to her three-year contract, Esme’s time is still not over on GH because she needs to play as Ryan’s evil daughter. Also, watch out for the return of the big villain, Cyrus, of course. There is no Information on how long he stays, but he’ll undoubtedly cause trouble. So stay tuned for more updates.