Luke and Laura General Hospital

Luke and Laura General Hospital Luke Spencer disaster may occur and result in the dropping of a massive bomb upon Port Charles. Let’s. examine the information we’ve gathered so to date, starting with Tracy Quartermaine’s predicted return. Tracy usually returns to PC only when there is a reason for it however it seems her motive this time could include sadness Luke news.

Laura will get a surprise visitor in early 2022, as we know. Laura will be left reeling due to this unexpected visit and the following unpleasant shock. Destruction will spread across the General Hospital canvas throughout the week of January 3 to 7.

Credit: Todd Wawrychuk/ABC; Everett Collection

There will be some breathtaking updates that will break many hearts. Laura, it appears, will be particularly affected by this information. Kevin Collins would likely encourage Laura to trust in him in the aftermath as she attempts to make sense of what she’s discovered.

Given Laura’s past with Luke and Tracy’s relationship with him, it’s probable Tracy may return home to inform Laura that Luke has died. Of course, having Jason Morgan’s assumed death, a newborn Corbin baby’s death, and now a prospective Luke tragedy seems overkill.

Even still, this is a daytime soap, which implies dramatic events will occur. If Anthony Geary had made it apparent to GH that he wouldn’t be back, they might have felt that murdering Luke off would provide some interesting material.

It’s possible, however, that Luke is gravely hurt or unconscious. This appears to be more than a situation of Luke mysteriously disappearing, although there’s always the possibility that Luke will come up alive. It’s just that all the evidence points to Luke’s demise.

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The source of the impending disaster is unknown, but it must be large enough to shock the entire town of Port Charles, impact Laura in particular, and coincide with Tracy’s homecoming. It’s impossible to deny that Luke’s demise, or at the very least some form of Luke-related tragedy, meets all the requirements. So, stay connected.

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