Phyllis Young and Restless

Phyllis Young and Restless There is no question that Phyllis has been actively involved in plotting against Diane ever since her return from the grave. She has continued to plot but refuses to acknowledge it no matter what. She is indeed acting innocent, even though she was the one who provided Talia Morgan with some shocking evidence.

On the other hand, Diane is quite aware that Nikki and Phyllis are behind the scheme. While Jack also has doubts about Diane’s current circumstances. Moreover, he feels obligated to assist her in diverting some of the criticism away from Diane, especially now that he thinks she has changed for good.

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Even while the strike via Talia didn’t cause her any significant problems, it did cause some damage. She will face Phyllis once she realizes a secret hand is behind it. She already has Phyllis under suspicion since she often takes action to undermine her. But Phyllis declares that they should maintain the cease-fire and put their previous differences behind them.

To take on a fresh challenge and mend her relationship with Summer Newman, she joined the Marchetti. Although this seems to be her goal, she has some sinister motive hidden in the dark.

So, in Tuesday’s episode, Diane might potentially expose those other sinister motives along with her lies and lead her to inform Jack. Well, Jack will have to deal with more than that. He will also have to clarify to Victor why he hired Adam to work for Jabot.

Indeed, Jack’s activities raise questions. However, it seems to fill the void created after Kyle departed to take care of Marchetti while offering Adam the opportunity to begin a new life.

On the other hand, Victor will accuse him of ulterior motivations while implying that he was retaliating for past grudges. He may contend that Jack uses Adam to get revenge for his past actions.

But Jack will keep promoting the notion of giving the Newman black sheep a chance for a fresh start. But Victor remains doubtful that there might be more to it. Regardless, their predicament is already Igniting a few past flames that could later grow into a massive war between Newman and Abbott.

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Even if Jack only wishes to help Adam, this will undoubtedly cause a significant battle, and they may have to deal with severe consequences in Y&R.