The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers Next 2 Weeks

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers Next 2 Weeks When Hope Spencer first met Lina at Deacon Sharpe’s apartment, she was nothing but curious about her father’s new mystery woman. If you may recall, Deacon managed to make Hope leave.

However, we know very well that it won’t stop her from wanting to know more about Lina. Previously, we could see that Hope was happy that Deacon was starting to move on from Brooke Forrester. Why would Deacon pine over a woman whose heart longs for someone else?

At the moment, Hope isn’t sure if there is something between Deacon and the woman she found in his apartment. So, expect Hope to insist soon that moving on with someone else would be suitable for Deacon. If only she knew who the woman was. It’s not difficult to imagine Hope returning to Deacon’s apartment to see Lina.

Credit: Image: Sean Smith, Howard Wise/JPI

Perhaps she may end up running into her at II Giardino as well. Now that Sheila is tired of being cramped in Deacon’s apartment, we should get used to seeing her outside more often. This will increase the chances of Sheila coming across more people.

According to the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Hope may ask Lina out on a double date once she runs into her again. That way, they could get to know each other well, which would be a bad idea. We may also see Hope insisting on Deacon that she and Liam go on a double date with him and Lina.

If Hope manages to push her father into having the double date, it will leave him in quite a tight spot. We cannot deny that Deacon will land in plenty of trouble once people discover that Lina is Sheila Carter.

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Moreover, they will consider him as her accomplice. Deacon will have time now that he’s hiding a wanted fugitive. Besides getting into trouble with the law, Deacon will also get into trouble with Hope and Brooke Forrester.

It would be a shame for Hope to lose trust in Deacon, considering how hard it was to get it at first. We cannot deny that watching Sheila pretend to be someone else just by wearing glasses and a wig would be fun. Once more, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are released.