Top 10 Instant Personal Loan In Canada

02. LendDirect: Personal Loan Canada

LendDirect is one of the specialised lenders that offers unsecured personal loan solutions with continuing borrowing limits of up to $15,000 and limitless, fee-free cash advances. You may anticipate receiving an open-ended line of credit within one business day of your application being approved for one of these finest personal loans in Canada. Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan all provide the service.

LendDirect: Personal Loan Canada

Loan and Service Types

LendDirect provides a personal line of credit with a loan amount up to $15,000 as a service. LendDirect’s loans have an open-ended period in months and an interest rate of 19.99% APR. When using direct deposit and Interac E-Transfer, the financing time is just a few minutes.

Users of LendDirect may take advantage of credits up to $15,000 with just a few approval criteria, limitless cash advances, courtesy payment extensions, no set payment amounts, and the option to pay off accounts early.