Top 10 Physiotherapy Center

03. Physiomobility Physiotherapy Center

Gita Mikal, who is also the organization’s director, launched Physiomobility in 2005. With post-graduate study and certification in vestibular rehabilitation, concussion care, and pain management, she is a highly skilled physiotherapist.

Physiomobility Physiotherapy Center

Physiomobility has grown from its modest beginnings in a tiny rental apartment to a 3,500 square foot facility, earning a reputation as one of the top clinics in Toronto. With the use of cutting-edge technology and a highly skilled team made up of physiotherapists and other medical experts, they want to provide a variety of treatment choices in a single clinic.

Orthopedic & sports physiotherapy, vestibular physiotherapy, pelvic health physiotherapy, and concussion treatment are their four core specialties. In addition, they provide Telerehabilitation and Virtual Physiotherapy for those who have mobility problems or cannot go to their clinic.

Therefore, Physiomobility can assist you on your way to wellness and optimum bodily functioning, regardless of your health challenges or objectives, which may include prevention, injury, pain, or impairment. Instead of only treating the symptoms, each patient gets a treatment plan that is specifically designed to address the underlying cause of their condition.