Victor Young and Restless

Victor Young and Restless Chance will continue his investigation no matter what the case. So, Victor Newman has to deal with disappointment over his cover-up story. He will get some bad news about Chance’s mounting evidence. So, Victor will make a desperate effort to change the situation around.

He will have a backup strategy for his subsequent cover-up, and he wants every family member to take it seriously. Meanwhile, Nick Newman will continue to suffer his guilty feelings when talking about Ashland’s death. In light of the Ashland death case, he is bound to take some dramatic measures.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

He believes coming clean is the best way to resolve this issue, but Victor won’t let this happen. His father will indeed have him forced to keep his mouth shut. Furthermore, Adam will continue to investigate the circumstances behind Ashland’s death. He is more interested in the truth and intends to find it no matter what.

So, he will try to convince Sally to spill the beans about what she knows. But I doubt that will happen. Nonetheless, Ashland’s death has caused some real concerns for many. And Abby Newman is no stranger to the spotlight.

This investigation will hurt the relationship between Abby and Chance. Chance is about to expose Victor, and Abby isn’t happy with this. Abby is troubled that her family will fall apart after this significant catastrophe. Meanwhile, Phyllis Summer will sign the contract and start her journey at Marchetti. By doing so, Phyllis will be in a great position to start Diane’s takedown from the inside.

On the other hand, Nikki will also use her card to bring Diane down. Nikki will enlist Talia Morgan to expose Diane’s past. As a result, the investigative reporter is bound to find some disturbing news moving forward.

Elsewhere, Summer and Kyle will have a lot to talk about the expansion of their family.
On the other hand, Jack and Diane are destined to have a reunion as they share a passionate kiss in Y&R.

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Lily Winter will explode at Billy Abbott for avoiding his duties at Chancellor-Winters. The couple will indeed have an argument over the things happening. Finally, Chelsea and Victoria will battle over Johnny Abbott. Chelsea now wants a part in the boy’s life, but Victoria won’t let this happen.