Young and Restless Spoilers for Next Two Weeks

Young and Restless Spoilers for Next Two Weeks In the next two weeks, Adam’s choice to join Jabot will indeed cause some drama in Y&R. Well, many people will be disappointed by the things happening, especially Victor Newman.

Jack Abbott will also have to face Victor’s wrath for appointing Adam as the Co-CEO of the company. Whatever the case, the dispute between the Newmans and the Abbotts is destined to worsen due to Adam’s new appointment at Jabot.

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The one who causes this will be busy trying to earn Sally’s forgiveness in the soap series. Sally finds it difficult to forget the suffering she went through due to Adam’s impulsive choice to call it quits. So, Adam will find it much more challenging to win Sally back, but he won’t give up on the chance to do so.

On the other hand, Sally will be in confusion about what needs to be done, and Chloe may warn her against falling back in. While this happens, Lily Winters will clarify Billy’s boundaries with Chelsea Lawson.

However, he’ll do the exact opposite. He will make arrangements so that Johnny and Connor Newman can spend time together. Well, maybe this will be the first of many bonding moments between Chelsea and Billy.

Especially since Connor’s mother is more likely to take some more initiative after that passionate kiss. So, Lily may have another issue in her relationship. Elsewhere, Nate will start making preparations to start the new music festival.

However, he won’t talk to Devon or anyone else about the launch. Imani will be a lousy Influence on Nate, and she keeps pushing him to make mistakes. Jill Abbott will learn about Nate’s secret launch, and she’ll inform Lily about this.

After which, both Lily and Devon will explode at Nate and have him forced to think about calling it quits. Tessa and Mariah will be looking forward to their future. Even their adoption issues will be considered as they look for solutions moving forward.

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Tessa will also be featured in Marchetti as a model, and the soap opera will feature her first photo shoot in the coming weeks. And she will have a difficult job achieving the vision that Lauren has in mind, but maybe they can do that in future.

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