‘Young and Restless’ Tucker McCall expected to return to Genoa City

‘Young and Restless’ Tucker McCall expected to return to Genoa City Tucker McCall expected to return to Genoa City shortly, there will undoubtedly be plenty of drama. Since he’s Devon’s father, everything might blow out in the worst way for Devon. And Tucker’s return will generate a series of issues for many people around Genoa City.

Thus, whatever the case may be, we have to wonder how Devon will respond to his reappearance. Considering the current storyline on Y&R, we feel this is a perfect moment to bring Tucker back.

Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

Devon is emotionally invested in and concerned about his family’s business, whereas Jill Abbott is keen to expand it by going public. Devon is bothered by the fact that this choice would transfer a significant portion of that control to shareholders.

He disagrees with Jill’s recommendation that the family business is made public since doing so will make decision-making more difficult. So It appears that a soap opera is eager to produce a corporate drama centered on Chancellor -Winters. And by introducing Tucker into the mix, things will get more fascinating and take an unexpected turn.

Evidently, the show planned to give St. John a significant part, and the mystery surrounding his arrival adds fuel to Tucker’s recasting. With that stated, Chancellor-Winters is likely to go public. Therefore it’s evident that a portion of the business would go to one of the principal stockholders.

Consequently, it’s feasible that Tucker may acquire a significant stake in the firm as a shareholder, which could be one of the reasons Jill is suddenly considering going public. Devon is highly concerned about the future of Chancellor-Winter, and Tucker gaining control of the corporation would surely enrage him.

Therefore, if this were to occur in a soap opera, Devon and his biological father would have a massive feud. They will dispute who has the last say in the business and how decisions are made.

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So, Tucker’s homecoming is sure to go wrong for many individuals in Genoa City. Additionally, it is claimed that he will have a covert relationship with Diane, which will also cause a significant dispute. There are thus many unanswered issues around Tucker’s return, and if the rumors prove genuine, it will be interesting to see how he can pull it off.