‘Young and Restless’ Victor Newman challenges Jack Abbott

‘Young and Restless’ Victor Newman challenges Jack Abbott In the next two weeks of Y&R. Victor Newman challenges Jack Abbott and delivers a warning about employing his son. He will press Jack to reveal his reasons for hiring Adam. Regardless of what Jack says, Victor will forewarn him of potential business problems moving forward. Meanwhile, Nick and Sally will become closer.

Nick has helped Sally with a variety of challenges. Again, Sally will mess up by skipping a crucial marketing conference that is certain to go wrong. So, after the shocker, it is apparent that Nick will confront Sally, and in the aftermath, they will become physical and end up having steamy moments at the workplace.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Adam will feel bad about whatever he has done to Sally. And, considering his recent talk with Sally, he will be optimistic about getting forgiveness from her. However, things do not always go as planned.

He’ll appear at Sally’s office door when she’s having hanky-panky moments with Nick. Thus, things will undoubtedly get messy, and Adam’s hopes of obtaining Sally will surely be dashed. All the while, Nate Hasting is bound to land in the thick of the dilemma.

He is willing to leave his work at Chancellor-Winters, but Imani will press him to be harsh to turn things around. Devon and Lily are concerned about Nate’s conduct at Chancellor-Winters. So, they will now discuss their management systems and eventually change their strategy.

Diane and Phyllis will also get into a heated argument. Diane will find Phyllis doing something wrong and is eager to reveal it, whereas Nikki will prepare to get Deacon Sharpe to uncover dirt on Diane. So, the crossover event with B&B is approaching, and Deacon will eventually get shocked by Nikki’s presence.

The following week September 19, we will have a new character in town. On September 23, Zuleyka Silver will make her debut as Audra Charles. One of Genoa City’s corporate titans will hire her to play the part of a promising young CEO. And if we stick with the existing situation, Victor may be the one to approach her about becoming a potential Sally replacement.

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Elsewhere Kyle’s surprise vow renewal with Summer will make Diane very pleased. There will be a party all around the Jabot family. Unfortunately, things will become more severe as Victor makes a stunning move against Diane as Nikki relays some suspicious actions from her past. So things will likely grow serious between Victor and Diane in the aftermath.