‘Young and Restless’ Victoria Explodes Sally for Sleeping with Nick

‘Young and Restless’ Victoria Explodes Sally for Sleeping with Nick While Victoria Newman does not hold a vendetta against Sally Spectra like her father, it is clear that at most, she tolerates Sally in her family Business. She may even threaten to fire her again, but hopefully, it does not come to that, or Nick Newman should spring in to save her.

Sally is well aware that both Victor and Victoria don’t want her there, and if it weren’t for Adam’s fix, she would never have gotten the job, and without Nick’s defense, she would have been fired ten times over.

Credit: CBS; Howard Wise/JPI

She is also severely inexperienced for the job, but she is doing her best, learning quite quickly and doing nothing to risk her work, except being late to the meeting. It is not all her fault, and Victor desperately wants her gone so that he can put Nick in her place.

Nick has done well, but if both his father and sister try to get rid of Sally simultaneously, he may not be able to defend her again. So, Sally mustn’t cross Victoria again. But some things are easier said than done as we all know things keep getting hotter and hotter between Sally and Nick.

Nick Hookup got Sally Fired

The two are spending more and more time together and getting closer with every meeting. It will not be long before they finally hook up, which would be scandalous from so many angles. Sally already has a lot of doubters in Newman Media Enterprises that think she’s just a pretty face who got the job sleeping with the former CEO, Adam.

So, if her hookup with Nick is revealed, it will only confirm the gossip about her being a CEO seducer. Even if it never goes public, it will likely be busted by a person or two. One could be Victor, who has been keeping a close eye on Sally.

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Victoria will undoubtedly think the worse and accuse Sally of seducing Nick to secure her position at the company. Nick will still try to come in between and defend Sally, but things may have turned too controversial for him to handle. He may not be able to do much if Victoria comes for Sally’s job again. It seems like Sally’s job will be in a big crisis; can she save her hide again?