Young and the Restless Recaps

Young and the Restless Recaps Summer Newman and Kyle Abbott’s relationship is sure to deteriorate due to their mother’s conflict. Diane Jenkins is concerned that Phyllis Summer is setting her up. Thus Diane is bound to uncover Phyllis’ true intentions, which might lead to a massive battle between them and their children.

Summer and Kyle will select their own mother’s side. They will thus certainly come to opposing ends and engage in a fierce conflict. Diane blames Phyllis, but Summer believes her mother is innocent.

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As we all know, Phyllis’ only motivation for joining Marchetti was to push Diane and undermine her employment. And now, Phyllis has finally done it, but she has left some hints that will undoubtedly lead to her capture. Meanwhile, Kyle and Summer discussed the situation with Diane.

Despite Diane’s adamant denials to the contrary, it is crystal evident that only one person is to blame for the Marchetti sabotage. And Diane will blame Phyllis for everything that has gone wrong. Nevertheless, speaking about the scenario, Summer and Kyle have a lot of problems to explore in the coming.

Kyle and Summer are both aware of Phyllis’ feud with Diane. Kyle appears torn between what to believe and the likelihood that Phyllis is framing Diane. Summer, on the other hand, is utterly opposed. She thinks it’s all part of Diane’s plan to vent her rage on her mother. Naturally, Phyllis knows how to avoid being held responsible.

It follows that she would play her cards accordingly and persuades her daughter that she is blameless in that situation. Therefore, Phyllis and Diane will engage in a contest to disprove one another, and Kyle and Summer will need to take a position.

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Diane is an expert at twisting things, so It stands to reason that she will persuade her son of her truthfulness. This might lead to a significant conflict between Summer and Kyle, and their relationship could suffer. Therefore, what do you believe will happen in the ongoing battle between Diane and Phyllis? Could this incident be the end of Summer and Kyle’s marriage?